Movie Business 2019 Update 5

Yes, another update that fixes several bugs is now available. Thanks again to Chino Derienwho reported career issues at the Professional level. Detailed information about corrected errors and a few new small things can be found in version history.

This time we also have a set update 57 

The largest contributors to this update are:

  • andrew89
  • Arek
  • Andy
  • Isimeli

The official set already included 4429 creators. In addition, appeared cult characters from MCU universe.

As usual, you can download the game from the subpage Download MB2

P.S. Soon I will have a task for you related to the next edition of the game;).

Movie Business 2019 Update 3

The next update of the Movie Business is now available. It contains mostly bug fixes (especially useful for players in career mode). Detailed information about the fixes can be found in version history.

In addition, game updates the set of creators to version 56that includes 4369 and more than 12 000 photos.

Game download from Download MB2

Special thanks to Chino Derien who reported problems with some career objectives and provide information so that I could quickly make fixes.

Remember when you find a bug/problem please inform me about it it significantly improves the process of troubleshooting. In the game there are several mechanisms to facilitate the search for problems and thanks to your help and additional information that you provide all the process improvement of the game is much faster.

Note: after the installation check whether you have the game marked as version v2019.0.3.19166. If the last number differs please unistall it and download again (the first installer contained an error, where there was a problem with unpacking creators photos).

Set Update version 53

Today another set update. Which contains73 creators and 131 photos.

The largest contributors to this update are:

  • Arek
  • andrew89
  • Iván
  • Vonder

The update will take place after launching a new game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

After this update, the official set will contain 4275 creators.


P.S. The first update of the game itself is coming, so if you found any bugs that needs to be fixed this last days to let me know.

Proposals of improvements for reviews in MovieStats

In the Movie Business you will find descriptive reviews of your movies this is one of the features of the game with which I am quite proud of but mainly… with the Polish version. When I decided to create an English version of the game, there were many texts that need to be translated, that the only way to do it in a reasonable time was to use the automatic translation function. Unfortunately, the Polish language is quite complicated, and the result of such a translation leaves much to be desired. Hence, I decided to provide you with a tool that will allow you to suggest a better version of existing reviews. The tool will be available in MovieStats in the tab Reviews.

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Poll. How often do you read descriptive reviews?

It's been a long time since there was a last poll. So today is a new about descriptive reviews available in the game. How often do you read descriptive reviews?

How often do you read descriptive reviews?

See the results

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And the question is indirectly linked with the new functionality, which should appear in a few days.

New features in MovieStats

We already have the premiere of Movie Business edition 2019 behind us (although soon the first update is planned to fix some bugs that have already been reported to me – if you had some, let me know). This does not mean, however, that I rest from work on the project. In the end, I could take a moment to work over MovieStats. And today about two functionalities that have appeared there (some of you have already used them).

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Director's cut: A summary of what's new in edition 2019

Till the release of 2019 Edition of Movie Business there is not much time left. So it's time for a final summary of all the new features along with several author comments. As usual, the corresponding text, this year, titled What's new in edition 2019 of Movie Business 2 you will find at my personal blog. This is a summary of all post that you had the opportunity to read on the game page, but even if you followed them carefully, it's worth looking not only because there was a few additional information, but also to see images from the new version of the game.

A link to this post has, of course, been added to the section Director’s cut and now I invite you to read a long text about What's new in edition 2019 of Movie Business.

In the next version.... Test screening

The 2018 Edition among the events that may appear during the production were those related to the reaction of the audience after the test screening. It was an event somewhat detached from the reality of the game, because the player could not organize such a show. Expanding the potential events in the course of production I decided to fix it. In the latest version on the occasion of major productions, just before the premiere, the player will be given the opportunity to organize such a test show. Its result will be feedback from viewers and critics, what went wrong in the film.

Read moreIn the next version.... Test screening

In the next version… Festival Gala

Festivals and awards are a very important element of the film world. In Movie Business they also play an important role. However, up to now, the celebration associated with festivals was not too great in the game. To say the truth, the player could even miss the fact that his film won the prize. In the new version it will change, in the end the festivals will definitely get a more celebrity setting ... thanks to the festival gal.

Read moreIn the next version… Festival Gala

Interview with the author of the Movie Business on Games Gal

A few days ago contacted me Artur Dędek from the blog Games Galwho asked about the possibility of conducting an interview with me in the context of Movie Business. After a short thought, I decided that, why not. So today I have the pleasure to invite you to an interview with my person on this blog, which on every day brings together RPG Maker enthusiasts.

The interview was carried out by the communicator so excuse the stylistics of some statements. The whole, however, is quite extensive and it seems to me that it came out quite interesting. Perhaps you will find there some interesting facts about the history of the creation and the process of game development. So, I invite you to a long read, just right for Sunday evening.

Interview with the author of Movie Business on Games Gal

In the next version ... Financial history and analytics

A large part of the beginner players are still complaining about the unpredictability of the game (more specifically, it can not be reconciled with the fact that one movie brings huge profits while the other, similar at the first glance, makes a lot of losses). It seems to me that the core issue is not the unpredictability itself, but the lack of tools to analyze what is happening in the game. Hence, in the new version, such a tool will appear in the form of simple analytical tools.

Read moreIn the next version ... Financial history and analytics

In the next version… Changes to the game modes

One of my lecturers from Human-Computer Interaction course asked us once how much the application should have modes?… The correct answer was… 1. It is clear from this perspective that Movie Business is a badly designed application with 4 game modes. Unfortunately, life is not easy and different users have different needs and preferences, hence the number of game modes in the Movie Business will be greater than 1 ... However, observation of players' behavior has made me realize that some changes are needed in this area.

Read moreIn the next version… Changes to the game modes

In the next version… Gifts

It seems to me that the mechanics of the investments in paintings and cars it is not used currently too often by players. I decided that in the next version I will give you more reasons to use it. Well, you can give gifts in the form of cars or paintings. Who will you be able to give them and for what?

Read moreIn the next version… Gifts

Welcome to the new Forum

New survey forum does not last too long. It is true that the opinion as to the need to have are divided into (a bit more followers) was not, however, an overwhelming advantage. Finally the creation of a new forum decided to so my thoughts. I found that would do well, however, the place where in a broader circle, you can discuss some of the issues related to the game.

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In the next version… Character types in the scenario

The first new functionality that will appear in the 2019 edition, about which I would like to tell you are character types.

Until now, creating a movie based on a specific scenario during choosing the actors it was best to fit them to the genre of a given movie. For example, for action films, we usually chose actors with a large action parameter. This strategy worked very well in the game, but it was a certain simplification in relation to reality, because not always the best action movies consisted of heroes whose main attribute was overall physical fitness. The best action films in history, apart from the interesting hero, also had interesting villains – and often side characters with different characteristics that gave them uniqueness. In addition, placing X characters with similar characteristics in the movie strongly limits the target audience to lovers of a particular genre.

Read moreIn the next version… Character types in the scenario

Work on the 2019 Edition started!

The faithful fans of the game know that end of the year is the time when I work more intensively over the next edition of the Movie Business game. So today I can officially confirm this. So, work over Edition 2019 Edition has been started. Apart from this annoucement I have today also some general information about the content of the next edition.

Read moreWork on the 2019 Edition started!

Movie Business 2018 Update 3

The next update of the 2018 Edition is ready for download. It does not make too many changes, but corrects several errors, and improves the game balance.

For a complete list of changes see version history. The game you obtain it, as usual, with the subpage Download MB2.

This version also updates the set makers to 51 version that adds 169 creators.

The main contributors allowed this update:

  • Levardos (68 of the creators)
  • andrew89 (59 of the creators)
  • Arek (36 artists)

Remember that some developers could get to the waiting room with a relative too modest filmography (or too few significant roles).

Of course, as always, I look forward to your comments, ideas, reactions and of course information about problems or errors.

If you have not heard about the Movie Business and you are here for the first time, you can also refer to the section Director's Cut and Help page, where you can find a lot of information that can help you in the early stages of exploring, this already quite extensive, games.

If you like the game I remind you of the possibility of Donations 🙂


P.S To już ostatnia aktualizacja w tym roku (no chyba że pojawią się jakieś mega krytyczne błędy) i powoli zaczynam myśleć o wersje 2019 😉